Monday, May 21, 2007

The Agony of Truth Redefined

I was just listening to a message that Josh McDowell delivered. He was discussing conversations he’s had with youth/gen-x/gen-y –er’s over the past few years. He was discussing how truth is now something considered created by each individual, not something defined to be discovered.
He asked a young man (actually, he’s asked 1400 young people, with no right answers) why he believed the Bible was true. He couldn’t give an answer. The next day, he came rushing up to Josh, very excited. He said, “I know the answer!” How did he know the Bible was true? Because he believed it. It was true because he believed.

I literally groaned out loud. My stomach hurts. How fully Satan has corrupted our very thought processes. How much harder it is for this generation than the previous to understand God’s Truth. How critically important it is for us to know truth, to be able to define truth, to live truth before a very, very lost world.

Oh, please stand. Please press on. We cannot give way now. We must, having done all, stand in the gap for a decaying, dying world. We must have an answer.

So, reader, do you believe the Bible is true? Why? How do you know?

(c) 2007

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