Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Things I'd Actually Want to Know About You

June 12, 2007 - Things I'd Actually Want to Know About You

So many lists circulate these days, and while they can offer interesting tidbits (and occasional TMI moments), they rarely cover the things I want to know about someone. So...Here's my list. Lurkers, join in too! If you don't want to post to your own page, submit it as a comment on this one.

I hope you will consider answering some of these, 'cause these are just some of the things I'd want to know about you! Don't feel pressure to answer all of them, though; this isn't a test! Pick the one(s) you like or have time for today. Have fun!

1. When did you come to believe in Jesus? Tell your story! (as long or as short as you like) :-)

2. What difference has #1 made in your life?

3. What is your favorite Scripture passage? Why?

4. Tell about a time God answered a specific prayer in your life. How did that affect/change you?

5. Do you remember a time that God made a Scripture passage especially clear to you? Tell!

6. Who has influenced you in your spiritual walk (family, friends, mentor, pastor, authors, etc.)? In what ways?

7. Sometimes we get to share His story with others. Is there a particular story that you want to tell about that?

8. Is there something in your history that you would change if given a chance to?

9. What's a vice in your life? Any virtues? ;-D

10. What's your favorite way to worship God?

11. If you could possess one (real) talent or gift that you haven't already been given, what would it be and why?

12. What is an important lesson you have learned? How did you learn it?

13. What things are you really passionate about? What sets you ablaze?

14. What do you love or appreciate about God?

15. Where have you be especially effective in serving God? (This isn't prideful; if you've been effective, it's because of His Spirit in you, so really it brings glory to HIM.)

That's a plenty good start! Next post, I'll give my answers. Looking forward to yours!
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