Monday, April 23, 2007

Funny, But True

Random Memories--all true--and more as I think of them.
I once...
· Got locked in a zoo after hours
· Held a live bee in my mouth without getting stung
· Was asked out by an ambassador
· Ate silk worm larvae
· Told a SS teacher she was wrong, 'cause my daddy was in seminary and he told me differently (I was four, and I was wrong)
· Tripped on a plane, fell completely, flat-out down, taking a flight attendant and two glasses of wine down with me (It was a long flight.)
· Was nearly deported (not from the U.S. )
· Lived through a 5.0 earthquake and didn't even know it had happened
· Ran toward riots in two different countries (my poor mother)
· Lived through a locust plague--seriously
· Fell asleep mid-meal, mid-bite
· Listened while a waiter sang Happy Birthday to my friend on my birthday
· Forgot I was wearing neon green undies when I did a quick change into cream pants for a night out in Chicago (ahhhhhhhhh!!!!)
· Set myself on fire (no serious damage, but some hair loss)
· Stayed awake for 42 hours straight
· Sang karoke with my friend Rachel in a Vietnamese bar (in KS). The lyrics were translated from English to Vietnamese and back again, so it was unintelligable.
· Went for a walk in an absolute downpour with my mom. We were both sick for a week.
· Floated past my house in my car when our street flooded
· Led others to dance 'Stayin'-Alive' style in a Korean dance club (in S. Korea)
· Got picked up by American-hating Bengalis in Hong Kong (didn't last long)
· Was offered camels in exchange for marriage (may yet regret turning that down...)
I'm sure I'll think of others, so keep listening...

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Beth said...

OH my word! Some of those need to be blog posts all their own! Tell the stories! These are hilarious!