Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Itchy Eyes

Just one little cool thing God did today:
I realized Sunday that the presciption I got in December for my new glasses was off. I know you are wondering why it took me four months to figure that out, and I don't have a good answer for that. Maybe I'm just a slow learner!

Anyway, Sunday in church I was straining to see the speaker, though I was only half way back in the sanctuary. In an effort to clear my eyes, I closed my left eye. Bing! Everything was clear! Surprised, I tried closing just my right eye. Instant bluriness. Of course now I was completely lost to the sermon as I closed first one eye then the other over and over again. It finally dawned on my why my eyes had been straining so much over the past few months!

However, since I got my glasses, my eye doctor has ceased to accept my eye insurance plan. He does, however, accept my medical insurance plan. So this morning, when I awoke with a very red and itchy left eye, I realized that God was working a plan. So I'm on my way to the eye doctor to have my potentially infected eye examined, and while I'm there, on my medical insurance's dime, I'll also have my prescription checked.

Itchy eyes never felt so good.


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