Monday, April 16, 2007

A Contradictory God

Poem: A Contradictory God
I wrote this poem during a communion service I attended.

A Contradictory God
Boundless joy birthed through deepest suffering.
Life unlimited brought forth from infinite death.
Love all-encompassing bestowed on full rejection.
--What kind of love is this?

The unjustifiable fully justified.
The Perfect, bearing all sin.
My death traded for His life.
--What kind of love is this?

Sacrifice given for the completely selfish.
Faithfulness displayed to the adulterous.
Wisdom bestowed on fools.
--What kind of love is this?

Indescribable beauty placed in scarlet hearts.
Inestimable power working on behalf of the powerless.
Divinity encompassed in humanity.
--What kind of love is this?

Composed on 4/5/2007 - Maundy Thursday
In preparation for Resurrection Sunday

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