Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I have so many things to post, so many thoughts, and so many things that have happened over the last week. But just to get started, here is a thought I shared with a friend today and I thought it fitting to share here:

One of the cool things about the past 7-8 years in my life has been how God has forced me out of the circle of believers that I am 100% comfortable with and made me engage with believers that have thoughts, philosophies, or even theology that I don't agree with. And though I am still not greatly comfortable with that, what I have learned is that God is working through all the various philosophies, churches, denominations, mission agencies, etc. Somehow--only altogether--do we make a complete body of Christ. So...while I don't always like it, I need them, all of them, for this Body to be complete here and now. Complete, not perfect. That's still a good ways off!

More later. -J

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