Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blessed Be The Name

You know, as soon as I posted that last entry, I heard one of my very favorite worship songs on the radio. I love this song because the theology is so right. We choose worship, and we can choose it when things are going great and when they are worse than we could have imagined, as Job exemplified.

I so often come back to this place when things seem hard and today was no exception. I choose worship, because my circumstances aren't the issue; the nature and character of God are.

And, since I've learned how to share videos this week, I ran to YouTube so you could appreciate it too. (The video is not the greatest, but the music is still wonderful.) Just for you:



Sarah said...

One of my favorites!!! It makes me think of my youth leader in high-school. He always said, there's 2 times to praise God...when you feel like and when you don't. AND IT STUCK!! What an amazing choice!

ShalomSeeker said...

I'm so gonna steal that quote! :-)