Friday, March 28, 2008

Lost & Found

Sometimes along life's journey, we realize that we've lost somethings. Sometimes we find other things. This is one of those stories...

* All kinds of insecurities
* Hindrances of every sort
* Many physical pains
* Guilt
* Feelings of being out of control
* Many hesitations
* Rolls, and not the yummy kind
* What I affectionately refer to as 'chubby-girl clothes'
* A double chin and extra cheeks

* Confidence
* Unveiled strength
* Joy
* Healing
* Self-control
* All kinds of bones: cheekbones, hip bones, shoulder bones, clavicles, ankle get the idea :-D
* Clothes from the way-more-options area
* Peace
* A better example
* Healthier eating patterns
* Relief

If lost items are located, please do not notify. I tend to like the found ones. :-)

By His grace thus far, and farther,

(c) 2008


Rachel said...

I'm glad you lost and found so many things. I love you bunches.

Beth said...

Adorable post! Adorable girl!

Sarah said...

Love this one. The change is truly amazing!!! You're beautiful, inside & out :) Happy weekend!

Big Man for Jesus said...

Keep losing! These are not the kind of things you should ever worry about finding.

Lindsay said...

Great post! Love the lost & found photos... and your words, well, they brought it all together!

Isn't God awesome!! :)

t said...

BTW - someone picked a really cool wall color. (And I hear her friend found a great mirror for it.)

t said...

I just realized I didn't post any of my other thoughts and the one I did post sounded random and a little bizarre for the post.

You KNOW I'm proud ... for a host of reasons and not just the things on this post. :) LU

PS - you should at least give the credit to the first pic that it was the middle of a vacation day in 115 degree temps, none of us looked pretty and the sign you were in front of and the way we had to stand ... well, nothing good can come from that. Just saying... :)

Anonymous said...

I noticed your picture on the side. It is a great picture of you. I think that in the first picture you look just like your mom and in the second you look like you. Good job in the weight loss. You look great.

Rachel the friend