Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ten Things for Tuesday

Announcer: And....We're back! With another edition of "Ten Things for Tuesday." Joining us this afternoon is regular contestant and random thinker, ShalomSeeker! Now, onto our ten things, this week formatted as Q&A!
  1. What do you love about blogging? I love getting to put my thoughts in order and getting to share them with others. I really love getting to share insights into God's Word and the things He is teaching me, and blogging allows me to do that!
  2. What do you not like about blogging? That my otherwise-liked template turns all my bullet points and neatly numbered lists into silly-looking flowers.
  3. What's one thing you'd wish for right now? That I could remember all the things I had planned to put into this post.
  4. What's a danger to blogging? Well, Mr. Announcer-Guy, I see two primary dangers for this user. One is that is is completely addictive! The other is that due to the feeling of annonimity that blogging can supply, I might share more than I should.
  5. What's something you always do when blogging? I always smile.
  6. What's something you never do when blogging? I never share my name, location, or information that could identify me or my family and friends.
  7. What's something your readers may not know about your blog? That it and all the comments are public.
  8. What do you fear in the blogosphere? That some crazy person will decide to stalk me, either online or in person. NOTE TO READERS: If you know me personally, please keep my paranoid-self safe by not using my actual name or location. Merci!
  9. What's something that has surprised you about blogging? That it has connected me to so many friends, both old and new. I'm really surprised how much I feel like this little world is a community for me!
  10. What would you wish from your readers? Just a little feedback...comments, opportunity to read their own blogs, etc.
  11. (And now, for the Bonus Round!) What would you wish for each of your readers? That they too may know the peace of God through the death and resurrection of His Son.

And that's all the time we have for today's edition of "Ten Things for Tuesday!" Join us next week, when one reader says, "You WHAT?!"

Blessings, all!

(c) 2008


Sarah said...

Love 10 things for Tuesday! I'm suprised too about the little community thats created...and how addicting :)

Beth said...

Opps! I bet I have used your name! Still love me "J"??!?!

Anonymous said...

I want to leave a question to be asked by the announcer. Hee Hee.

I wrote you an note on my blog. You will laugh. I laughed at your comments. I found a blog about an uncle of yours. It is funny. Maybe you already know it.

Should I sign this or do you know it is me?

ShalomSeeker said...

But of course, "B"!! :-)
Da nada! (I never took Spanish. Is this correct? I mean to say, "It's nothing.")

joyce said...

What do I like about blogging? The instant responses sometimes---faster than snail mail. I used to write lots and lots of letters. I had the whole country feeling guilty for not writing back. Blogs help me express stuff and lay it out there, and folks can read it or not in their spare time. I hate to call someone and catch them at a bad time or play phone tag. Blogging, like letter writing, can be read at your convenience. And finding a funny and insightful blog is like finding a good book to read. Thanks for blogging and commenting on mine, too. Love, Aunt J

Barbara said...

Good Blog...I wish everyone took heed to the blog being public to all. I just read a comment to myself on another blog that hurt me. I think it bothered me more that it was public to all. The person made me feel like an idiot.

Lindsay said...

I swear - I just left a comment... and now it's not there!!

anyway... happy day to you! Love this post & the smile it brought to my face.

Blessings to you this Wednesday!

Allison said...

I, for one, like the silly flowers. :-) Thanks for blogging. Now that my life is back to normal, hopefully I can comment more!