Saturday, April 12, 2008

God's Grace Is Bigger Than My Graceless Mouth!

Remember my lament a few weeks back about the girl I 'called out' publicly in one of my discipleship meetings? Well, I've received both grace and mercy on that one!! Mercifully, the fallout I deserved didn't happen, and Grace has given me a growing relationship with her!

Over the past few weeks, she has sought me out to ask Bible questions (You showed me this in the Scriptures, but this other person said that; what's up?) and to share with me the often-difficult 'goings on' in her life. She still seems eager to build our relationship...and that is unmerited favor if there ever was some!

And I am so grateful...

Praising God!

(c) 2008


Bob said...

You ladies never cease to amaze me. So atuned to how other people feel... How do you do sensitivity?

dougandrachel said...

That is great.

I think I can actually sign in now. I will see. We already had a google account. I did not realize that this was google.

Rachel said...

See if that gets you to me

Sarah said...

SO glad it all worked out :)