Friday, April 18, 2008

Laughing Out Loud

Okay, in light of my last post, published but moments ago, I found this quote on my friend Beth's blog hysterically appropriate:

Build yourself a bridge and get over it.

Bwahahaha!! Did I ever need that this morning! Maybe I'll just quote that to myself next time I get irritated pre-coffee! (And maybe solving this irritation is simpler than it felt!)

Smiling again,

(c) 2008


Beth said...

I just love how this quote applies to sooooo many different things and situations!
Hope your day is full of bridges!

Lindsay said...

I love how you signed at the end of your last two posts...

So... I'm sending a few bridge making materials your way & some sunshine too! :)

joyce said...

We just got home from the new Ben Stine movie, "Expelled". It is wonderful. Link to the trailer on you know who's site.

joyce said...

Hey, I got an email from C and she wants more pepperoni and beef jerky. Sounds spicy.

And did you read Uncle B's latest story? Wow. and again I say, wow. Read slowly. I scanned it first and got confused. Every word is important.

And the EXPELLED movie is wonderful and thought provoking. Saw it again today