Monday, April 7, 2008

Road Trip Learnin's

A friend and I just did a long-quick road trip: A long drive and a quick trip across the South to the Midwest, and back again. Eighteen way. We left Wednesday night and returned on Sunday afternoon. Are you doing the math?

Now, I'm not as crazy as I sound; this trip was necessary. However, I was a tad surprised at how pleasant it all was! (I was really expecting it to be exhausting.) And, I learned/saw/discovered a few things along the way. Thus, my Road Trip Learnin's!

On this trip, I...
...saw the largest blue jay I've ever laid eyes on.
...remembered the beauty of the Midwest.
...checked on Beth's home state. I'm glad to report that it's all there and in fine condition. I check on it for you going both directions, just to be sure! LOL!
...learned that I am a better rested person than I was the last time I made this drive eight years ago. That came in really handy, since both drives were through the night! Staying awake while driving is something I heartily endorse!
...discovered that I can be handy, even in the country! I really enjoyed getting to help through physical labor. I don't know that I would love it if I HAD to do it everyday, but it was enjoyable to put the muscles to work!
...realized I am fearless when I don a pair of work gloves. Hand me that filthy tool! Let that bug just try to load himself! Super-Gloved J to the rescue!
...learned that I am in better shape than I thought. Though a fair amount of heavy lifting and positioning was involved, and though I am somewhat sore, I really don't hurt much at all. Except for that growing bruise on my knee, which is something else entirely.
...rediscovered that I am still afraid of wasps....and probably all other stinging creatures. Really, really looked like a city girl when one showed up in my face. My host barely blinked and then killed the booger. Oh to be so fearless...
...discovered that there are still non-super Wal-Marts! Who knew?
...realized that I tend to eat poorly when on the road and out of life's normal rhythm. What made me think a cream-filled doughnut and a large french vanilla cappuccino from QuikTrip was a great breakfast idea?? (Guess who's going to the gym tonight!)
...remembered that I DO still miss QuikTrips! Good thing, too, as I might die from heart disease if one was nearby (see above)!
...noticed little changes that God is making in my heart. I was able to release more to Him and to really trust Him to work in others and in me more than in the past. I saw, in tiny ways, Christ's patience and love working itself out through me. Though the two ladies I spent most of the time with may comment to the contrary... ;-)
...enjoyed the time I got to spend with T & Anna. Shout out to Anna, as this is the first blog she's ever viewed. I'm honored to have you aboard! :-)
...realized that even work can be relaxing when it's a different kind of work from what you usually do.
...slept well every chance I got! ;-)
[After-Publication Addition]...learned one can get a sunburn in 40-degree weather!!! Do the top of my ears hurt!

Better run for now. I have another post in my head that I need to start working on. See you shortly!

(c) 2008


Beth said...

When are you writing a book? Really, you know you have it in you! I bet you have an idea, a seed at least! If not you should. Your posts are such a great read and I wish you could expand on your ideas, thoughts, stories, beliefs etc. even more! So when you get some free time....start that book! would you!?!?

Sarah said...

sounds like a fun road trip!! Also, I'm with Beth, you should write a book.

like you don't know said...

No 2 warmed my heart :) . While I know you still have things you prefer about your current landscape, it was nice to be able to share that part this time. (Sometimes I think you think I'm crazy for liking the landscape I do :) .)

Lindsay said...

What a GREAT list... and isn't it crazy that there are non-super WalMarts still out there!? :)

Thanks for sharing your trip via the things you learned. Sounds wonderful -

Anonymous said...

I am glad you had such a great trip. What was this manual labor that you performed. You never said. Only that it took gloves.

I am glad that you still like the midwest. The midwest misses you also.

QuikTrips are not down there? How do you function properly? I actually don't go there often because it is too far.

Non- super Walmarts. What is the point? Just kidding.