Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Web Quizzes and Their Worth

Okay, this post is just to share in the irony of my blog-friend Sarah. I, too, apparently cannot take these web-quizzes well, as this is what my "What Kind of Shoe Are You?" quiz said:

You Are Bare Feet

You are a true free spirit, and you can't be tied down.

Even wearing shoes can be a little too constraining for you at times!

You are very comfortable in your own skin.

You are one of the most real people around. You don't have anything to hide.

Open and accepting, you are willing to discuss or entertain almost any topic.

You are a very tolerant person. You are accepting and not judgmental.

You should live: Somewhere warm

You should work: At your own business, where you can set the rules

Okay, here's the irony. I don't go barefoot. Even in my home, I wear slippers. And no one would EVER call me a 'free spirit.' I'm only now learning to be comfortable in my own skin, and I don't like warm weather. And if I worked for myself, I would die of starvation; I need structure and rules in order to thrive.

So there you have it. I'm pretty sure that this quiz stuff isn't for me. (Though the possibility exists that this quiz was made up by someone with no known qualifications who has no idea what s/he was talking about... I'm just sayin'.)


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Sarah said...

So glad someone else is a bad quiz taker :) It's good for a laugh :)

T said...

Sounds like you accidentally took the quiz for me. You KNOW I love going barefoot (I focused on my front yard just for this purpose), I do like warm weather and working for myself ... well, that just works for me.

Tell me the quiz, I'll take it and then send you YOUR results :) .

Beth said...

I am laughing so hard right now!!!!!! This post is hilarious!

Lindsay said...

it's a bad quiz maker... definitely!!