Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ten Things For...Thursday?

We had internet connectivity issues on Tuesday, so I missed my regular blog entry. So I thought I would recycle the idea for today! :-)

Ten Random Facts About Me:

1. I love Roman numerals.

2. I always eat breakfast in my car. Saturdays are an exception, sometimes, depending on when I need to leave the house.

3. I would like to have a skill at which I excelled. (A jack-of-all-trades; a master of none?)

4. I typically need background noise to be able to fully concentrate. (The outcome of growing up in a household of seven, I'm guessing. (-:)

5. I find listening to most radio stations frustrating since they repeat the songs far too often for my taste.

6. Pink is one of my least favorite colors.

7. When I type, I only shift with my left hand. I never learned to use the right-side shift key. Weird, I know. Typing (this was before the universal shift to 'keyboarding.') was a year-long class and I only took the first semester. :-D

8. I often feel in life that there is information that others have that I missed somehow: socially, academically, even spiritually. I have no way to verify this; it's just how I feel.

9. I used to be able to sing, but really lost my voice after about four years of non-use during an intense period in my life. I miss it, and am slowly working to get it back, but I no longer feel comfortable singing in public.

10. Fall is my very favorite season and summer my least favorite. I sleep so well when it's cool, and I just hate sweating for no good reason. ;-)

Well, it's not much, but it's something. Hope your lives are more interesting today than mine apparently is!


(c) 2008


Jamie said...

I think it is fun to read random things about people, like this list. A love for Roman Numerals, now that is a new one.
Have a terrific Thursday!

Sarah said...

Great List, J!

Hope your voice comes back!!! I'm thinking it must be worse to have been able to sing and then lose it, than (like me) to have never had the gift. :)

Beth said...

Okay, #4 totally agree about the radio thing....I end up listening to talk radio or spending too much money on new CDs!

I only shift with the right shift...

I wanna sing a duet with you.

How did I not remember there were 7 in your fam?

IF you changed your "comment" settings to come up as pop ups I could ready the list while I type comments. I am too lazy to jump pages.

Still love you today!

Becoming Me said...

I enjoyed learning more about you. Very neat that you love ROman Numerals. I actually have a love for Roman history,but unlike you, I adore pink. :-)

Lindsay said...

I look forward to Thursdays... just for this :) Well, maybe not just for this... but it's definitely a highlight!

Thanks & happy Thursday!

Suzann said...

I also don't listen to the radio for the same reason! On the other hand, I wish we had a Christian music station around here for the option (the KLOVE is just outside of our range!).

I also hope you can sing again! I've been working on getting my range back - too much belty P&W singing at church! LOL :)

joyce said...

Cool list. Is it true that the Roman numeral for 40 is XL ? (as in extra large?)

What do you like to eat for breakfast in your car, in the rain, on a bus, on a plane? (Dr. Seuss just popped up) I like sausage biscuits sometimes, or cinnamon melts at McDonalds or Gerber baby puffs for a gentle start. And the plastic carton fits in the cup holder.

I wish there was an all hymns station. But, I like talk radio to fold clothes by.

I like number 8--seems like I kept waiting for wisdom to descend like a dove upon me. Instead, God gives me little grey doves that walk up and down the windowsill, and I wonder, how do people eat them? They don't look big enough to bother. Two or three bites at the most.

When I tried singing to my boys, it was so sad when it hurt their ears, and they begged me to stop. I think they have perfect pitch, and I don't. So I save singing for in the car, and some days, the song follows me into the post office where I annoy or amaze fellows standing in line with me.

After 911, I read that the Jewish folks parked people as close to the fallen towers as possible and they sang through the Psalms. Have you ever wondered what the Psalms sounded like in the original? Uncle Bob taught a lesson on Colossians where it says to admonish with hymns and spiritual songs---I raised my hand and asked, "is that like singing, 'you are in trouble..'?"

And I don't like sweating, neither. Powder is my friend...

Bob said...

I think we all feel like others have information we don't, and I suppose at some level, in some way, that's always true.

As for your singing, I suspect that's mere self-consciousness. You have a lovely voice and good pitch (whereas Aunt Joyce has a lovely voice and nearly good pitch). Your voice will change as you age, but that merely means your voice fits different music. I have yet to hear anyone with a 'beautiful' voice that can do justice to "Amazing Grace" -- the younger a flutier the voice the more ridiculous it sounds. Janice Joplin or Joe Cocker could really do it justice.

test said...

I too only hit shift with my left hand. Hmmm - my problem is that I never took a typing class or anything remotely close. And you know how I feel about your voice... but I'm your biggest fan so of course I think that :) .