Thursday, June 26, 2008

Brain Fodder

Here's a quote I heard this week:

It is not enough that we do our best. Sometimes we have to do what is required. -Winston Churchill

Whatcha think?


t said...

Hmm - I have mgt thoughts, Believer thoughts and Believer Mgt thoughts. This might have to be an in-person discussion. I'm reminded though of conversations we've have regarding perfectionism and when you have to let things go. Wondering which direction you're thinking on this quote.

joyce said...

I'm with t. Uncle B says our best is never good enough. Winston Churchill was fighting an enemy, but when did he say this? Before WW2? during?

I am still struck by things that are just too much a co-incidence. Our Pastor talked last week about how the little happenings nudge and encourage us. On our trip west, a few days ago, we were driving down this barely paved road that Uncle B loves to use on our way to Royal Gorge. We were driving through someone's ranch across cattle guards and I remarked how dry and needing rain this area was, and how I had not even seen a rabbit or chipmunk--and before the words were out of my mouth, there were rabbits and around the next bend, chipmunk families, and later squirrels. What are the odds? It may be the Lord saying you are right where I want you to be at this point in time. Even though meandering through the west seems like an extravagant luxury, and I had not been much of a missionary. We were just having fun together. Uncle B likes to avoid cities, congestion, and freeways. Sometimes, my prayer was, help me not go bezerk as we were jostled down this eight mile unpaved road at eight miles an hour, and it took an hour. Uncle B. so needs a four wheeler. My best woulda been to go nuts. God helped me stay calm, laugh, and enjoy the babbling brook.

Bob said...

No need to overthink Churchill's quote. It simply means that success isn't measured by our level of effort, but by the results. As Christians we can fully concur with Churchill's point without resorting to perfectionism.

Our best always falls short of God's good. But our letting God work through us always accomplishes what's humanly impossible.

t said...

Not overthinking Churchill, just my buddy :) . She's a mysterious one, you know.