Friday, August 29, 2008

Randomness - Ten Things for FRIDAY!

This really should be a "Ten Things for Tuesday" List, but I seem to be off days, and I really want to write here, and I'm feeling completely random...SO, you get what you're gettin'. (huh?)

1. Found a yummy, light recipe that I just consumed eight serving of. I wish I was kidding. I am stuffed, but how can you not love tomatoes, cucumbers, salt, pepper, cumin, fresh parsley, green onion, garlic, and fat free yogurt? I mean, fantabulousness! I can hear Sarah now..."I'm so not having dinner at your place." Sorry, girl. You're just gonna have to take my word for it--yummylicious. (I just love making up words. Two in this paragraph alone!)

2. I generally (read: always until this moment) try to keep this post a-political, even though I have some very strong interests and feelings there. However, I just have to say that this is shaping up to be a more interesting--and probably more frightening--election than I anticipated that it would be. I am prayerful and engaged. And (Forrest Gump voice here), that's all I have to say about that. :-)

3. Post-it notes are the very best invention in the world. Okay, maybe second to the printing press, but still mighty important. I don't think I could get through my day without them. And not just any post-it's--it's only pop-up post-it's, 'cause anything with a double-hyphen in it's name has to be the best! (Do you like how I just randomly inserted a hyphen in that phrase. That was just for you punctuation police out there!)

4. Since the last day of the month falls on a Sunday, we got paid today. And I am h.a.p.p.y. :-D

5. Things are really heating up at work as we start our fall season. We have three nights of dinner theater coming up in two weeks, and then two weeks after that, our six-event artist series begins. That same weekend, we host a hymn festival, and two weeks later have our fall choir retreat. Things are startin' to get crazy!

6. I'm excited to be in a position to really devote myself to the job for which I was hired. I started two years ago, but it wasn't until changes in workload were reformed in the late spring that I was really free to commit myself to the job I was intended to do. And I'm really happy--I like being fully devoted to a single area.

7. I have a Garfield cartoon next to my desk that I think perfectly illustrates the truth that life isn't always as it appears to us to be. Let me describe it for you:
Frame 1: Garfield approaches, looking bored. There is an apple sitting on the table.
Frame 2: Garfield is holding the apple and smiling.
Frame 3: Garfield's cheeks are puffed out as he consumes the apple. And I quote: "CRUNCH. Munch. Munch. Munch..." You get the idea.
Frame 4: Garfield is returning to where he came from, leaving the apple core on the table and sharing an unseemly, "Burp" with us.
Frame 5: From stage left, two worms approach the apple (core) in a hurry.
Frame 6: Worm 1 says to worm 2: "Great goodly moogly, Gladys. We've got termites!"
Tee-hee. *snort* For some reason, this really tickles my funny bone. But greater than the humor is the lesson: How things appear--causes, intents, outcomes, etc.--to you in life are not always how they are, especially when viewed from outside your 'frame' (of reference). Do you think God sometimes sees our reactions like we see the worms? Just thinking...

8. I'm missing the Diet Dr. Pepper I haven't had today. Yet. I'm feeling a Sonic run coming on...Happy Hour (1/2 price soft drinks!), here I come!

9. It's 90* outside and I'm freezing in here. I can't wait to go outside. We've been having such lovely weather, with our extended thanks to the series of tropical storms that have been sending us cool weather and lots of rain. And yes, where I live, 85* to 90* days in August IS cool. Last August, we were sweltering with 105* to 115* days, though that was unusually warm. Welcome to the South. Wanna come for a visit?

10. Well, all good randomness must draw to an end. I hope you've enjoyed these wasted minutes of your day, 'cause I'm not authorized to give refunds. (Wouldn't it be wild if we could get refunds on time? Virtually every TV show and movie I've ever watch would owe me... I'd have so much time back, I'd be, like, 10 right now!) :0)

Hoping your day is filled with both poignancy and humor,

I recounted my ways and You answered me; teach me Your decrees. --Psalm 119:26, NIV

(c) 2008


Suzann said...

1. your job sounds so great! those things sound so interesting to me!

2. ah, Sonic. how I love & miss it!

Anonymous said...

1: That recipe does sound good. Send it my way some day!
2: I agree, we just heard about the VP choices and wonder how things are going to turn out in the end.
4: How fun to get paid early this month.
8: I would love any kind of Dr. P right now, especially a Sonic one. I hope you were able to get one.
9: Oh so you are having our typical weather there :-). I suspect you do not have the humidity that we do though.

Thanks for sharing your random thoughts! I always enjoy reading them. Love--Your Farout sister

ShalomSeeker said...

Suze: You would SO love my job. And, you'd be better at it than I am! Yes you would. When I have to prep music for the orchestra...let's just say it ain't pretty. But I told them when they hired me that I was not an instrumentalist, and that my reading skills in general were pretty sketch... But since you're not close enough to commute, they got me. And I LOVE it! :-) And I'm so sorry you live so far from civilization (read: Sonic)...

Anonymous Sis:
1. Okay, I'll post it here soon.
2. Yep. It was the VP report that made me add that tid bit (and it was the Democratic Convention that made me add the 'frightening' part...but I'm not commenting on that here, right? *wink*).
4. Yep. Right until I have to wait an extra-long time for the next one, huh? ;-)
8. Sorry to taunt y'all with Sonic!
9. I don't know what you're humidity is, but ours is kinda high here...

Rachel said...

Howdy, I have not been catching up with you lately. I check your blog and nothing, nada, zilch in the new department. Then I get out of the habit of checkingit a gazillion times a day just hoping to glance a peak into your life. Then today - boom - there are pages!! I am glad. These are some hi-larious thoughts spewing out of your computer.

1. You can keep the rest of that one.

2. Kind of scary. I can not say anymore.

3. Post notes were created by accident. Someone was trying to create a super strong glue and failed!!!

4. Payday is always good.

5. I'll be at the dinner theatre on Satuday. Wouldn't that be fun.

6. Yeah!! I am sure that makes things less stressful.

7. Cute.

8. Sonic is awesome. Those that don't have one are always jealous.

9. We have only had a handful of days over 90 this year. Yeah for us. Makes a much easier summer.

10. No refunds needed here. Unless we get more time together.