Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ten Things for Tuesday: More Randomness

Okay, I'm still all over the board here, so that's what you get, too.

1. I do not like computers today. Not on their own; not with green eggs and ham. I have spent the entire day until now (4 p.m.) dealing with computer problems at work. The good news is that I did not throw one thing out of the window today--which was a distinct possibility circa noon. Fortunately, the cavalry arrived, and things are much better now.

2. I do still like Diet Dr. Pepper today. I share this just in case you thought that the computer thing threw off my whole world.

3. Yesterday, I did yard work. I share this to let you know that that the world will be coming to an end shortly. Iffin' you don't know me personally, you may not be away that I don't do yard work--it is why I rent. Okay, that and I don't want the responsibility/bills of owning a house. And that it might be sketchy whether I am loan-worthy...but anyway, back to the world ending.

Yesterday, I spent two hours sweating and getting FILTHY while trimming our arbor, hauling fill dirt, and digging a channel for drainage. And--and this is where things get really scary--I kinda enjoyed it. And--better yet--I'm not sore today! All those workouts at the gym have apparently paid off! :-) Whee! (Uh, please don't share the 'enjoying' part with my landlord, k? *wink*)

4. I'm freezing again. This place is nuts!

5. I got tangerine pop-up post-it notes today, and I'm lovin' them! It's the small things, really...

6. Ugh. I've already got a headache, and they just started vacuuming outside of my office. The sound of a vacuum always gives me a headache anyway. Excedrin, anyone? (Oooo... I took Excedrin on an empty stomach Sunday morning, and by the time I got to the Sunday School class I teach, I had the shakes like a drug addict on withdrawal. That caffeine is powerful stuff, man!)

7. Speaking of Sunday, I learned a very important lesson that day. No, not from the sermon (what was that thing on...? Better look at my notes...), but from an experiment. And just so you know, those little "Just add milk" muffin mixes DO go bad 13 months after their expiration date. I mean, not that I would let something like that lie around my house that long. Or that I would try to make outdated muffins for my neighbors. Who would do something like that? But if you did do something like that, you might find yourself making fresh muffins from scratch at 11:00 p.m. I mean, if anyone would do anything so crazy...

8. I am still freezing. Must. go. outside...

9. I'm really excited about my Sunday School class again. We promoted a great group of kids two weeks ago, and think they will let me lead them 'deep'--and I love going 'deep' in the Word of God! This is year two of a two-year study on the book of Acts. We are picking up at the beginning of the missionary journeys, and will pause at any point where a book was written and do a quick survey of that book. This way, we get a nice sense of the flow and development of the New Testament/early church. I am very excited! Our theme last year was: God has a plan--you can trust Him! This year, we are adding to that the message they were carrying: God as a man--you can know Him! So much fun!

10. We have already sold more tickets to this year's dinner theater than we had at this point last year, and we still have a week to go. Friday night has only one ticket left; Thursday has about 20. So if you're thinking about coming, Saturday would be a good pick... :-)

11. BONUS! I am printing 'before' pictures for my Weight Watcher's meting tonight. They asked me for them last week when I passed the 60-lb. mark on WW. Total, I've lost more than 75-lbs. That is very surreal to me. I have several posts in my mind on this topic, so I'll share more soon.

Hope your day is filled with His blessings (and that you can get warm...),

(c) 2008


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I've missed you bloggy friend!

Great list :) & HUGE congrats on all that weight lost!!!! WOW!

You definitely need some posts on that ;)

Beth said...

fun to have you back! love this post! whew...75!!! amazing!! I can barely comprehend how hard that was!!!!

Big Man for Jesus said...

Don't worry about the warm part. I just spent three hours trimming grass on campus. Though the temp was in the mid 80's the humidity was probably in the mid 80's as well. Thanks Hurricane Gustav!!
You, yard work? Tell your landlord I want pics for proof!
Congrats on your weight loss! When I saw you at our wedding, I was so proud of you. I have gained 10 lbs since we got married. My goal is to drop another 30 lbs to get to my goal weight. (lost 46 lbs in 2007)Love ya, JW3

t said...

1) Gigs up. You're landlord already saw the list and I have great and exciting new projects next weekend. (PS Thanks TONS for the help. My psyche needed it maybe more than the yard did.)

2) Great idea on the Acts thing. You know, I heard of a couple really cool gals studying for comps that way. (Still one of my fonder memories...)

t said...

PS - Big Man... I do, in fact, have pictures :) Struck me too that we'd want documentation. Even thought about doing some FB posting :) . Sadly, I did not get pics of anything except the arbor trim but she really did well - shoveled dirt out of the truck and wheeled it to the back and dumped it where I needed it. Helped a LOT. And she did the little mini-trench on her own. A great help to have a 2nd set of eyes for what needed done. And fun to have someone to work with too. I'll get pics to ya :) .

Bob said...

Tangerine Post-Its? Golly, that would give me a headache.

Anonymous said...

2) Will you stop talking about Dr. Pepper? It always makes me so thirsty!
3) Ok that is really cool! I would love to see the pics T. By the way, I remember about 2 yrs ago a little boy helping you rake leaves. He still remembers you because of that :-).
7) I am glad you have warned everyone about he dangers in old muffin mixes, lol.
9) How cool!
11) I cannot wait until i see you. I just looked at the pictures we took at the zoo (from the photo booth) and thought how different you look now. Congratulations!
--Your farout sister

Rachel said...

Randomness is great!!

1. Uggghhh!! Glad your windows are still intact

2. WOO! That was a close one!!!

3. That is the craziest thing I have ever heard. You have such a tough landlord, I have heard. I don't know how you stand it.

I will watch for the end times - Like when you see the sun rays off of the cloads and it looks like Jesus should be walking out of those clouds.

Of course with the Anti- Christ himself running for President, it maybe closer than we think. Oops, I was not supposed to say that.

4. Take a sweatshirt with you to work.

5. How fun.

6. Medicine on an empty stomach always makes me sick. Sing that to Rainy Days and Mondays always gets me down. Fits doesn't it.

7. Hmmm? Interesting. Who'd a thunk it?

8. Take a sweater to work with you.

9. I am glad that you are excited. A willing group makes all the difference.

10. I will be there Saturday. That would be so much fun. (do you know I already said this on your other blog- hee hee)

Bonus - That is increadible. Can you lose some for me also. 75 pounds it like losing a Joshua holding Maggie off your body. WOW!!