Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm Taking A Poll

I need your help. Well, need would be a strong word for this. Let me rephrase: I am curious; you might be able to help, if you even care about this insignificant--and highly random--subject.

Here's the deal. I've never been able to determine my face shape. This becomes important for things like choosing hairstyles and applying makeup--topics I don't normally cover here. However, The Journey is a topic I cover here, and it is said journey that has changed things up for me. See, my face used to be round as a bowling ball:

But since God has brought me along on this journey, it is no longer round. But what is it?

So, just for fun, I though I would add a poll to my page. Check out the column on the right to cast your vote. It's not nearly as vital as, say, the election on November 11. But it might cause you less indigestion. ;-)


A Post Script Lament: I think it's cool that my eyes seem to have gotten larger. But why did my nose have to do the same?

P.P.S. In response to popular demand (thanks to the two of you!), more on The Journey is coming soon!

(c) 2008


Beth said...

can I say WOW!!!??!!!! What a difference! and your eyes have always been big and beautiful, your nose, is not big!
love your thin face! dang girl!

Beth said...

would you hurry up and "bring on the journey"!?

Beth said...

I need the inspiration right now!!!

Lindsay said...

WOW! Your eyes just "pop!"

It's exciting to watch & read how God is changing you from the inside out.

Blessings to you this weekend -

Bob said...

Ummm, well -- I think the democrats are suppose to vote on November 11th -- Republicans should show up at the polls on November 4th.

(BTW -- a lovely oval.)

Rachel said...

I think that in the first picture you look just like your mom. In the second, you look like a skinny minney with a beautiful oval face (even though you have the I just took my own picture look)

ShalomSeeker said...

Beth & Lindsey: Thank you for your many kindnesses.

Beth: Soon. I promise!

Uncle Bob: BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I really goofed THAT up, huh? I started laughing so hard when I recieved your comment. I, uh, was just trying to weed out the uninformed voters, the ones from the party I don't support. Yeah. That's it. It was TOTALLY intentional... ;-) TOO funny!

Rachel: You are totally correct. I was holding the camera at arm's length. ;-) And thanks for the compliment re: my mom. :-D

Everyone. I think this is kinda funny, and kinda why I posted this. I would have said--if pressed--that I have a heart-shaped face. Good to know otherwise! Thanks for participating in my randomness!