Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ten Things For Tuesday Returns!

Well, I've let this weekly meme ride for a while now, but I think now is the time to pick it back up. This week's theme:

Ten Reasons I Listed at the Beginning of The Journey for Losing Weight
1. ...because control brings contentment.
2. ...because I'd like to get to know my cheekbones!
3. ...because discipline is never a wasted lesson.
4. ...because someday I'm gonna borrow my husband's shirt and I don't want it to FIT!
5. ...because Jesus really is enough.
6. ...because some of my health can be earned.
7. ...because swimsuit season shouldn't be an annual shame. ;-)
8. ...because I want to own a little black dress!
9. ...because being trim doesn't close doors, but being overweight does.
10. ...because life is measured on all kinds of scales, and I only want to be 'ample' in the fruit of the Spirit!
BONUS: ...because when I meet someone, I really want to them to only see Jesus.

And, bonus #2:
When I went back to these notes, I also found a list from those first few months titled, "I feel good about..." Here are a few of those:
Ten Outcomes of The Journey I Feel Good About...
1. ...gaining control and losing fat!
2. ...meeting my mini-goals!
3. ...not going hog-wild at Christmas!
4. ...not quitting after I gained weight at Christmas!
5. ...believing in the when, not the if!
6. ...moving more!
7. ...searching for ways to fit movement into my life!
8. ...my falling "Points" (copyrighted by Weight Watchers) values!
9. ...wanting to exercise!
10. ...refusing to stay discouraged!

Just another glimpse into my Journey. It's been a good, God thing. :-)

Joyful in The Journey,

You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand. --Psalm 16:11, NIV

(c) 2008

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Beth said...

these are awesome... my fav is #10 from the first list! too funny, girl!

I soo need to write a post!