Wednesday, May 30, 2007

J Attempts a Coup (Again!)

I am so, so tired. I have just worked (another) 12 hour day, and I am worn out. I know that next week (my deadline) is almost here and the hard work is almost done, but I am just haggard.

And more importantly, I am so tired that I am not walking in the Spirit well. I've always said that 50% of the battle to stay filled with the Spirit is 8 hours sleep. Well, I'm getting some sleep, but I'm still not winning this battle regularly. I have been very 'fleshy' this week.

I am leaving work now to go home and spend some time in the Word. May I find there the refreshment He promised, that tomorrow, "rivers of living water" may flow out of me. I'll take your prayers on that. :-)

Hope you are 'spring'-ing forth!

(c) 2007

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