Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dream Blogging

Last night I had a dream. When I awoke this morning, I remember thinking that I should definitely blog this as a PM. I was thinking that my dream presented a cool spiritual analogy. The problem is, in the light of day, I can only remember this:

I want to be a bolster pillow, in a spiritual sense.

Now if you are wondering what that has to do with anything, I am able to agree with you. I have NO idea what this means or what I was thinking as I left dreamland this morning. Perhaps someone out there can interpret dreams and supply me with the sense of this. Until that happens, I'll just use it as confirmation that the mind is a crazy thing when let loose and unguarded at night. :-)

And for those of you unclear on what a bolster is: it is a round pillow that is shaped like a tube or pipe. It's great for slipping under your neck when lying down, or behind your back when sitting, but mostly it’s used for decoration. See how random I am?

Better run! -J

(c) 2007

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