Monday, May 28, 2007

PM on Aging

One of my favorite things about growing older in the Lord is the way my worship has changed. The longer I walk with the Lord, the more involved, yet simpler, this becomes.

I understand His greatness better now than 'then.' I understand the depth of my unworthiness more today than yesterday. It is truer in this moment than last that I love Him more than I ever have before.

I love that I am quicker to realize that my lack of desire to worship is tied directly to the sin in my life. I can choose faster (or sometimes, grievously, knowingly choose more slowly) to confess and repent.

I am thankful I understand better how His Word and His Spirit work in my life to allow me to worship in spirit and in truth. I am humbled by how His Spirit weaves His Word throughout my prayer, enabling me to pray in ways that are ever more in line with His will.

His value is ever increasing in my understanding, and that is His hand at work in me. And I'm so grateful.


(c) 2007

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