Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Let's Play a Game...Seriously!

Something happened this morning to remind me of a creative writing class I took in high school. My teacher, Mr. Kornfeld (silent "d"), was, and I presume is still, an excellent teacher. He taught general English, composition, and Latin, in addition to creative writing.

In this class, each week he would assign us a short, usually two-word, phrase, and we were to write a one-page vignette using this phrase in a creative manner (as the class name would suggest). Typically, the words seemed antithetical. Today, when I walked into a co-worker's office, I heard her say, "It was ugly, but comfortable." And suddenly, I was back playing this game. How many different angles could I come up with for this phrase? My favorite was:
"As I turned once again from the air of disagreement in the room, I found that I was discouraged, yet at home. My relationship with my sister was ugly, but comfortable, in the bizarre way that dysfunctional family relationships are." (This is PURELY FICTIONAL!)

So...I thought I would introduce "Interactive Blogging," the very latest (as in, I just made it up) in techie fun. So give it a try. What's your best thought on the phrase...?
"Sticky perfection"

I would also welcome your suggestions for future phrases for Writer's Blog--The Game for Phrase-Turners of All Ages. (I hear Hasbro calling...)

I look forward to hearing from you soon--in the blogisphere!

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As the cinnamon buns finished baking, Aunt Joyce realized she was not out of powdered sugar icing after all. Uncle Bob liked his plain, but cousin Benjamin would enjoy slathering them with the icing until he reached sticky perfection.

"Sticky Perfection" = Duct Tape. Love, BIL (#1, in case that didn't narrow it down...)

I might suggest a game called Apples to Apples. Similar concept. My thoughts on this phrase?? It was only minutes before the big game, but Jim wasn't sure if it was ready or not. He chewed on it some more and finally came to the realization that he had achieved "sticky perfection;" the perfect wad of chewing gum for the big game.

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