Monday, June 4, 2007

Music & Arts Camp, Day 1

Well, I've made it through day 1 of our Music & Arts Camp. I'm the music administrator, so a lot of the responsibility for the event has fallen to me. It was good, but here it what I realized today: I am OLD! Oh my goodness. I was tired out before the morning was half over! Okay, okay, maybe some of that had to do with the fact that I worked 7 hours yesterday (Sunday), and many 10-12 hour days in recent weeks, but STILL! I'm going to have to join a gym before next year's camp or I won't make it! LOL!

The only hard part is having to say no to the parents who want their kids moved (classes are full and closed) or, worse yet, want their kid enrolled (registration ended over 3 weeks ago). I know we even have a couple of kids who were very upset today, but I don't know how to help them without opening Pandora's box, so to speak. Oh well, 99% happiness will have to do I suppose. :-)

Well... I'm gonna drag my tired hiney back to work for a little bit to prepare for tomorrow. Then, I'm gonna head home. (I have to wash my shirt asap, as I sweated a good bit today. Nasty!) The good news is...I'm gonna sleep well tonight! LOL!

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