Monday, April 28, 2008

A Creme Brulee Heart

My favorite dessert in the world has to be creme brulee. The crusty shell of pure SUGAR protecting the soft custard underneath... mmmmmmmmMMMMMMMM!!! I can still recall the first time I had it, after one of my very first Broadway shows in my hometown... And Friday night, I realized that creme brulee was probably a good analogy for my heart.

Sometimes, for no particular (or at least identifiable) reason, I find myself pushing back against God and His truths. My heart becomes covered with a hard shell, not wanting to let in the words God is speaking to me. Rich Mullins reference this idea in one of his songs, when he said, "I'd rather fight you for what I don't really want than take what you give that I need." It is a bizarre phenomenon, as I know that He is what I really want and need...and yet, as if out of my mind, I fight...

And yet beneath that crusty shell, my true heart is soft and sweetly fragranced by the presence of the Holy Spirit. And what breaks through that shell, bringing me back into alignment with His Truth and His Spirit? Corporate worship. Especially corporate worship in song.

Friday night, I had the privilege of participating in a worship service. In the middle of the music, I found myself once again with a cracking shell, humbling myself before the Father as I remembered the great sacrifice of the Son. And I realized that, though worship should happen privately too and should never cease, I need those times when the body gathers and sings and reflects... It is when this creme brulee heart is best restored.

Anyone else hungry?


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Sarah said...

Great analogy! I don't know if I've every tried it!?! Sad, isn't it :)

Beth said...

Food analogies! Hmmm....that could be your Monday posts.....Food analogies!
So well written!

Becoming Me said...

That is a really neat analogy.

joyce said... I think you might wanna see how they make it. It is the ONLY recipe I know of that calls for a BLOW TORCH in the list of utensils. Talk about refined by fire...

Rachel said...

Yummy illustration. I am not sure about Creme Brulee. I have had it, but am not a big custard fan. If it were thin I would like because I like the top with the crunchy skin and the custard.

I am guessing that your main topic was not about the creme brulee.

What a great illustration.

Lindsay said...

Great, great, great post!! so very, very true!! :)

PJ said...

Love the analogy! Good message.