Monday, November 10, 2008

I Am My Own Barbie...

Do I have your attention now? Well...

My Journey has produced one unforeseen habit: I have become my own Barbie-doll.

The change in my body and the complete turnover of my wardrobe means that putting together an outfit is no longer an automatic thing for me. Each evening:
...I find myself checking the weather (even temps in the upper-60s mean I'm going to need a sweater; I simply run that cold now. Someone PLEASE tell me my metabolism will reset itself...).
...Then I head to my closet and stare into it for awhile, wondering what goes with what.
...I start pulling out bits and pieces and--and this is where the Barbie-doll part comes in--I start trying them on. One outfit after another goes on, mixing and matching, trying to determine:
1.) What currently fits (some things are now too big; some new acquisitions are still too small);
2.) What matches; and
3.) What is 'me' (most of the items have been given to me, so I have to determine what fits my style/body).

Last night at 12:30 a.m., I found myself laughing--at myself--trying to figure out how to dress myself! But it turns out that that tan jumper I've been waiting to fit into is now just the right size...

Not that I'm wearing it today. Today, the high was 65*. That called for a sweater. ;-)

Waiting for my Ken, pink car, and jacuzzi-ed home (*wink*),

Lacking clothes, they spend the night naked; they have nothing to cover themselves in the cold. -Job 24:7 (I'm just KIDDING! Come on, it is funny!)

(c) 2008


Beth said...

FUNNY post! it IS funny!

t said...

Ummm - you already have a jacuzzi...