Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Things That Make You Go "Hmmmm..."

Has anyone read Terri Blackstock's Restoration Series (Last Light, Night Light, True Light, and the most recent one (which I haven't read), Dawn's Light)? I love fiction, but don't often read it these days. However, over that past year I read this series. Then, last week, a friend directed me to this link:

So...anybody know how to dig a well...in my backyard?


My times are in your hands... - Psalm 31:15a

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Beth said...

wow you look stunning in your profile pic! really! love the tongue too!

Anonymous said...

Fortunately, the owner of your backyard knows how to dig a well :). Told you the article was cool, huh?

Bob said...

Doomsday is always just around he corner, but power outages just happen sometimes.