Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vacating (Or, as the plebs say, 'Vacationing')

There's nothing like a vacation to soothe your weary soul...
I can recall only a few times in my life where I truly took a vacation. I have often been blessed with visiting family--which I adore, truly--but there is something different about just taking off for the express purpose of unwinding and enjoying yourself. I think I've done that about three times ever (even growing up, family 'vacations' were spent visiting family).

1.) A friend and I took off to visit Hong Kong when I was living in S. Korea. That was a FABULOUS trip, while we were there (the before and after we some of the WORST experiences of my life, but I'll save that for later).

2.) Two years ago, my much-loved brother came to visit, and we took in the sights all over the southern state in which I live. And it was GREAT. Here we are:
3.) A week ago, my best friend and I took two days off of work and headed to the beach to camp. Ahhhhh... I truly didn't think it would be as WONDERFUL as it was.

This most recent vacation provided much blog fodder (actually, they all did!). I will definitely have to tell you about the screaming banshees/Visigoths we encountered. And the 'castle' we toured. And about getting lost--twice--walking five minutes from the bathhouse to our campsite (really! I usually have a good sense of direction!). And the exotic insects. And the marsh. And the sea turtles. And the glorious water... Okay, it was a really great trip.
But today, I thought I would just whet your appetite with a few (rare-on-this-blog) photos. My dear friend loaned me a camera (I haven't owned one since mine died a decade ago in Central Asia :-( ) and shared some of her pics, too (those would be the good photos). So, here we go...

Pickin' up the ice (Can you see that the back AND the backseat of the truck are completely full?):
Setting up camp (Yes, that is SWEAT! It was mighty hot in that tent until we got the flaps down!):
But the reward for all that sweaty work was this:
And this:
And THIS! (See, I TOLD you I was pasty!):
Day Two: the marsh preserve, and a million crabs:
And 'castle' for touring (Do you love my backpack? KISS!):
A lovely, lonely, empty beach for hiking (1 mile each direction to the jetty):
And a hiking buddy:
The Jetty:
Day Three: We were finally able to catch on film one of the beautiful butterflies that called our campsite 'home':
And then, we got ourselves some sun!
All in all, it was a little gift of refreshment from our Father. And I am grateful.
P.S. Just to keep it real:
Don't be deceived, my dear brothers. Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we might be a kind of firstfruits of all he created. --James 1:16-18, NIV
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Big Man for Jesus said...

Yes, lady, that was quite some vacation of touring the whole of the South in 7 days (Biltmore, Beach, Capitol, Charleston, oh my!). A trip that will always be the bench mark for my future vacations as a family. Glad to hear you could unwind for real...and slightly jealous. Love ya, your bro.

Beth@playinwiththepaulsens! said...

dang this was so fun!!!! PICTURES!!!! get a camera girl!!!!! loved this post! *smile*

Triplet303 said...

I know what you mean about taking vacations....In my family of origin we rarely if ever took a vacation. It was primarily to visit family. My husband & I told each other when we wed 31 years ago that we would take a vacation as a family. Initially all we could afford was camping...The kids love those memories now as adults. We just came back from Connecticut. On this trip we were also in NY and Boston.

Anonymous said...

It is fun to think that we recently shared a "smilar" experience as we were at the beach for our vacation too. I will have to send you some pictures some day but for some reason I have not got them off the camara yet:-(. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I am so glad you showed one of yourself. It is really helping me change the image I have of the old "body" I saw 3 years ago. Do you realize it has been almost exactly 3 years this next month?--Your Far Out Sister

ShalomSeeker said...

Big Man--We do know how to fit in a lot, don't we? What I love is that we share the same travel style--planned, busy, but relaxed and flexible. Thanks for making that such a great trip! (May all you future journeys be so blessed!)

Beth--I know! I know! But when it comes time to justify the cost, well... I just drool over your pics, and Pioneer Woman's, and Lindsay's instead. :-)

Triplet--I suspected it was an inherited trait on my Dad's part! Glad to hear you enjoyed your recent trip. It sounds lovely. (I have YET to visit New England!)

Far-Out Sis--You are killing me by making me remember just how long it's been. I can still crisply remember praying/crying over you at our other sis's house; it hurts still. However, separation will not always be, no?! Therefore, I will hope! And will look forward to pictures!